Just 10 years ago, the Ghana betting market was almost completely dead. The only way to bet on sports was to visit the bookmaker. But over the past 10 years, many European world-class companies have entered the South African market. And today, betters have the opportunity to complete online betting app download for any sport.

In a competitive manner, each company strives to offer Ghana’s players the best mobile betting apps.

They used every possible reason:

  • Extension of the functionality of mobile applications. Now, all online betting apps allow you to not only bet on sports, but also visit a real online casino, do bets at home from your mobile app, regardless of the OS you have (Android or iOS).
  • Use of USSD codes to facilitate the betting process.
  • Development of optimized online best mobile betting sites for home computers, that accept mobile payments.
  • Creation of convenient systems of replenishment and transfer of funds without the use of banking structures.
  • Introduction of exotic types of mobilebet sports online.

With this approach, it really became difficult to choose the best offer, because almost every day the situation can change drastically.

We will try to conduct a full analysis of the most popular offices. We will determine the main competitive advantages of each company, so that you can choose the application that is most suitable for you. We will consider not only programs aimed at one particular sport, for example, a specialised football betting app, but also those applications that give us, besides the ability to bet on sports, access to an online casino, or opportunity to play poker right from our mobile phone.

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Why should you download bet application

Apps for betting

For many people, the question will seem unusual – why should you install a mobile application on your phone, and do it for a bookmaker. First of all, it is worth noting that the app allows to bet on anything. We will consider its main advantages.

First of all, it’s a good optimization that allows you to run online betting apps even on relatively old and weak smartphones and tablets. Some companies have gone even further and keep special outdated versions of their apps so that you can enjoy betting even on a push-button phone running on Symbian, or even Java OS.

Secondly, it is an opportunity to monitor all matches without distractions.

This is mainly due to push notifications that can tell you about:

  1. Opportunity to download the sports betting application.
  2. Changes of coefficients for an event.
  3. Changes of score.
  4. End of a match.
  5. Your winning.

Given how many sporting events are taking place all over the world at the same time, this feature can be quite useful.

Thirdly, it is about security. It mainly deals with the security of funds in your bet application. In order to avoid hacking of a phone, an account and other troubles, the companies in their betting applications created a unique security system, and multi-factor authentication.

It is relied on to:

  1. Verification of your passport data. You will have to download an ID scan. Perhaps when you withdraw funds, you will be asked to take a selfie with an identity card to prove that it is you who is asking for a withdrawal.
  2. Linking all online betting apps to a specific device and IP address. This is necessary so that the attackers won’t be able to bet from your account.
  3. Turning on additional authentication after entering the password. This is necessary when you run the application on multiple devices at once. You will receive an SMS code with confirmation to your mobile phone, without which you will not be able to log into your account.
  4. Linking the payment method for the account in the application. That means you can withdraw money only to the account, from which you made a deposit. If you prefer to fund your account via Paypal, you should download the betting apps that use paypal. For many people, this will seem inconvenient, but even if your account was stolen by the fraudsters, or they even stole your phone, they still will not be able to withdraw your money.

And of course, don’t forget about the opportunity to replenish your account and withdraw funds without the intermediary of the banking system thanks to the online betting app downloading. Modern smartphones running on IOS and Android allow you to create a virtual payment bank card, which you can attach to your account at the bookmaker.

Let’s consider which of the betting apps for Android work better based on the example of each of the best online betting apps.

Together with the opportunity to enjoy not only betting, but also try casino, poker, and other gambling entertainment – this is a good reason to install the bet application on your smartphone.

Usually, an alternative can be found in a form of a classical application for your desktop device, or a visit to the offices of the bookmakers that host desktop terminals. But all this cannot be compared with the convenience and comfort of the best mobile betting experience.

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Capabilities of any modern bet application

Capabilities of any modern bet application

Almost all of the considered betting apps we choose to compare are versatile machines that can drastically expand your understanding of the world of gambling.

After all, they allow you to:

  1. Place bets on sporting events in the live betting app.
  2. Do mobile bets with good odds on sports simulations.
  3. Be an analyst in the arena of e-sports events.
  4. Try your hand on slot machines. Sevens are especially popular in the online betting app.
  5. Test your skill of a card player in several versions of poker.
  6. Try the martingale strategy in roulette.
  7. Play for real money with live dealers.
  8. Conduct your own analytical research in the best bet analyser app.

A striking example of profitable betting is Betbull apk, for this it is enough to download the application and enjoy your favorite hobby. Also among the South African players, the Betxchange bookmaker is popular — you can easily download its app.

This is not a complete list of features of the best application for bets. For example, many people will appreciate push notifications that will allow you to receive notifications about changes in coefficients. Who can use it? Those players who like to bet systems and who bet on spreads on several events at once, or busy people who don’t have the opportunity to watch a match in real time, but they are interested in its result.

Most online betting apps allow you to watch live broadcasts from sports arenas. The list of competitions and broadcasts differs from the bookmaker to the bookmaker, and is largely related to what sponsorship events the company offers.

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How to define the best betting app?

best mobile app

Given the huge number of mobile applications in the Ghanaian market, considering all of them will not be an easy task.

When compiling our top, we will use some criteria and will evaluate them all by:

  1. Convenience and ease of installation. Here, we will monitor not only how easy it is to place a bet in the best online sports betting apps, but also the range of platforms on which it is available.
  2. Special offers from the bookmaker itself, with which you can earn more. We’ll consider not only the amount of bonuses (after all, it is similar for many offices), but also the rules for their wagering.
  3. Ease of replenishment and withdrawal of funds. What payment systems does it use? How to withdraw funds? What are the fees and what nuances you should know when using the best free online sports betting apps for iPad or iPhone.
  4. The number of available sports broadcasts — both online football broadcasts in the mobile football betting app, and broadcasts of very unusual sports.
  5. Offered coefficients for events. For many people, this criterion will be the key when choosing a mobile app for bets.
  6. Additional features like unique live app for betting functions or others. Who provides sports betting app with virtual simulator? Who provides opportunities for exclusive systems? Who allows you to transfer the image on your TV, and who provides opportunities for a unique match-making in poker?
  7. Possible problems with payment delays and account blocks. In addition to the problems themselves, we will try to consider the best ways to solve them.
  8. Security system. How hard it will be to hack your account and try to withdraw funds from there.
  9. Poker rooms. Availability of the match-making system. Is it possible to join any table. T number of poker versions. The size of the winnings. Is it possible to use bonuses at the poker table.
  10. Online casino. We’ll consider not only a number of slots, but also opportunities for a serious game. We will also consider the mobile Vegas system, which allows you to place really serious bets and get really big money.
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Special offers from all sports betting apps

The first key criterion that we will consider is welcome bonuses available during the sign up in various online betting apps and special offers from bookmakers and online casinos.

We will consider the size of the welcome bonus in each bet mobile app. The rules of its wagering, the possibility of getting free spins. In addition, we will touch on the topic of special tournaments.

The 1xbet company, for example, regularly holds competitions in the “beat the bookmaker” format, with which you can earn much more almost without spending money, just by making the correct predictions for sports.

At the Soccabet you can participate in a South African poker tournament. Some of the bookmakers, which offer not only sports betting but also online casino services, have frequent jackpot payments in slot rooms.

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Online casino in betting apps

mobile app for online casino

When studying all betting apps in terms of a casino availability, one shouldn’t forget that all companies are primarily bookmakers, and the live casino function in a betting app is rather a pleasant detail.

But we will evaluate all these online casinos by the following criteria:

  1. Choice of slots. Both in terms of the number of manufacturers and in terms of their quality.
  2. The presence of scenario slots. For many people, this factor is crucial when choosing a suitable casino.
  3. How many free spins does the bookmaker give for its slots.
  4. Types of roulette. How does it work. Is it possible to use martingale in roulettes in this application.
  5. The mathematics of the casino. If the casino is honest, then we will try to consider its math and evaluate your real chances of winning, both in slots and in roulette.
  6. Application optimization. Not every bookmaker pays due attention to casino software. Therefore, even if the bookmaker’s office itself works flawlessly, the casino application might be shamelessly slowed down.

We will separately consider the opportunity of live game with live dealers for real money in the online betting apps. Also, if a mobile casino allows you to place bets with phone credit.

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Most profitable offers in online betting apps in Ghana

mobile apps different sports

It is really quite difficult to evaluate all applications from the point of solving their main task. After all, you need to consider not only what they provide to users, but also what events they are sponsors of. For example, we ourselves understand that it is impossible to physically provide coefficients for all existing matches.

Therefore, we will consider best apps by:

  1. The range of sports broadcasts in general. Excluding their specialization in sports (for example, soccabet focuses exclusively on the football betting app, so it can give a head start to any competitor, but only within the football leagues).
  2. Coefficients for events. You may not spot the difference, but it is on this difference that the spreads between the applications of different bookmakers are made. For example, by installing several applications and placing different bets in each of them, you can earn much more money than if you would use only one of the applications.
  3. The speed of changing the livescore in the application. This is due not only to the coefficients, but also to the ability to quickly respond to the changes in the field, place new bets, insure old ones. This is not only additional entertainment, but also a necessity, without which your winnings at the bookmaker will become much more modest.
  4. The opportunity to, watch broadcasts using the best online betting app. Here, we will consider the choice of events for broadcasting. Availability of free broadcasts in the best free sports betting app. And most importantly, the resolution of the broadcasts. Whether they have sportcasters on-site, or you will only watch the situation on the field.
  5. Choice of unique sports. For example, the nba League in your best betting app, or the Brazilian women’s beach volleyball league.
  6. The opportunity to bet on esports events. After all, every year esports becoming more important part of betting, which means that its availability in the listing of betting coefficients gives serious advantages to one betting application over another.
    And of course, by the convenience of using notification settings, and the complexity of systems and other important factors that professional betters value so much.
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Access to poker room in online betting apps

Mobile poker app

During our discussion of all betting apps in terms of poker, we will pay attention to the following parameters.

  1. Is the poker room accessible for players? Or the best app to bet on sports does not give access to this gambling entertainment at all.
  2. What is the minimum money threshold to be able to sit at a poker table?
  3. Are poker tournaments held in free bets no deposit mode on mobile phones?
  4. Is it possible to play only against live players, or against the computer too?
  5. How convenient is it to play poker in the mobile app, on the website, via a computer?
  6. Whether the game will freeze in the event of a disconnect, or you will automatically lose?
  7. How match-making is arranged with automatic selection of opponents?
  8. Is it possible to play against players from all over the world, or does match-making work only within your region?

And of course, we’ll look at what versions of poker rooms are available in the live betting app.

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Online betting app download – convenience of installation

Here we will consider not only how easy it is to bet play app download in Play Market and the Apple Store, but also for which platforms it is available. Indeed, today, in addition to Samsung’s flagship smartphones, Ghana users use a wide variety of phones on which they can install:

  1. Operating systems based on the debian platform (for example, Ubuntu online)
  2. The Blackberry OS, which is superior to others in terms of its extreme optimization.
  3. Obsolete devices based on Symbian OS. Despite the fact that phones with this OS are no longer available for about 5 years, they are still very popular due to their compactness.
  4. Android OS of older versions. After all, not everyone has a flagship xiaomi with android 8. Some use smartphones with more modest parameters based on android 4.4

And most importantly, we will consider how the bookmaker solves the situation when it does not have a bet mobile app for your platform. For example, did the company adapts its mobile website to opera mini, or create USSD codes for voice and SMS management of user’s account.

Bookmakers with the best mobile sites for betting get an additional point in our ranking.

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Possible delays in the online betting app

mobile app payments

Each bookmaker, all betting apps, all poker rooms and online casinos have their own rules of withdrawing the winning funds. It implies not only how much you will have to wait until the funds are transferred into the account, but also:

  1. Is it possible to withdraw money to another card, not to the one you used for depositing?
  2. What additional verification tools you may be asked to provide for the withdrawal?
  3. What delays may appear during a second request for withdrawal? For example, it may be a long response from the security service when checking your verification data, or something else.
  4. Whether funds are blocked for the period from the moment of requesting for withdrawal, or you can continue to use them? The main thing is that your account has enough money to conduct the withdrawal.
  5. How convenient is it to withdraw funds from your personal account at a bookmaker?
  6. Does the bonus account and its wagering somehow influence the withdrawal? Is it possible to withdraw part of the amount if you haven’t wager a welcome or reload bonus, or is it possible to withdraw only if you have wager all the bonus funds and the money is in your main account?
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Extra features of online betting apps

Now in pursuit of the audience, the most popular of considered betting apps are constantly expanding their features. Therefore, when evaluating them, we will try to consider all the additional functions that they can provide to the betters.

What could it be?

  1. Automatic betting when the necessary coefficient is reached.
  2. The ability to simultaneously bet on sports and play poker.
  3. An opportunity to become an affiliate roulette dealer yourself.
  4. An opportunity to access specialized match making in poker rooms in the online betting apps.
  5. Multi-broadcast feature.
  6. An opportunity to bet on virtual simulations of sporting events.

And other features, for example, which of the presented bookmakers have the best cash out betting app — the feature, which is not so obvious to the players, but which can shape the future of betting in Ghana!

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Top betting apps in Ghana

top betting apps

Our editorial team has chosen the top 10 betting apps and online casinos that provide their services in Ghana, Ireland and other countries all around the world. All of them work without problems and have bet mobile app for OS Android and welcome bonuses. Many online betting games for android phones can be found in the Play Market.

We suggest you study the detailed table of the characteristics of these applications, in which you can find out:

  1. Reviews of other users and advice for the best sports betting apps for Android. This assessment is taken from a combination of many different factors, ranging from ease of use to the features of a support service in your area.
  2. The minimum deposit for replenishment. Yes, today everyone has similar conditions, but this doesn’t mean that there are no exceptions.
  3. Opportunities to watch live broadcasts. Here, the range of events that can be watched at the bookmaker and the resolution in which they can be watched are evaluated. The latter is especially important if you have a TV with a large screen, a desktop version of the application, or even a game console, on which you can also install the application from the top casinos.
  4. Availability and amount of the welcome bonus. Does the casino have welcome free spin bonus? What are the conditions for wagering the welcome bonus?
    Which casino platforms are available in your area?
NameUsers reviewsMinimal depositLive-broadcastsWelcome bonusTournaments
1xbet10 of 101 $(4K, 2K, full-hd)144 $ (using our promo code) when depositing from 110 $Yes
Bet3659.5 of 105 £(4K, 2K, full-hd)110 $ when depositing from 110 $Yes
Betpawa9 of 10Nara 100(4K, 2K, full-hd)250% of the first deposit (max bet in app is 110 $)Yes
Betway9 of 1030 $(2K, full-hd)Free first bet up to 30 $Yes
Betyetu8.8 of 1010 $(2K, full-hd)110 $ when depositing from 110 $ + increase of winning on first 5 events with our promo.Yes
eazibet8.6 of 1010 $(2K, full-hd)500 KES when depositing from 110 $Yes
Mybet8.5 of 1010 $(full-hd)up to 200 GHS as free bet when depositing from 100 $ with our promo
Premierbet8.5 of 10100 GHS(full-hd)
soccabet8 of 10100 GHS(full-hd)
Supabets8 of 10100 GHS(full-hd)110 $ when depositing from 110 $

You can download all of considered betting apps for Android from our website. Many betters prefer to install oisson apk for Android to place bets.

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Application from Bet365 – world best app for bets on sport

Bet365 app for sports betting

Bet365 has taken the honorary place in our top as the most versatile application. This is not only a good bookmaker, but also the developer of the best betting app among the presented online casinos.

Here, you can always place bets with mobile money. There are live dealers here who are ready to play blackjack with you for real money. In addition, among other things, the company has its own mobile vegas system, where, in addition to high coefficients, you can play the Wheel of Fortune and other games that are available only in real Las Vegas.

The application is available for almost all platforms and has a revolutionary security system that doesn’t require additional verification from you. If necessary, the application can be attached to your google account and takes all the verification data directly from there.

Given the beneficial conditions, honest math, and popularity, this is rightfully one of the best applications today.

You can get additional information on the installation procedure, receiving a personal welcome bonus and special offers at Bet365 app by clicking on the link or by going to the corresponding section of our website.

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App from Betpawa – the best of all apps for betting in Ghana

Betpawa is one of the oldest South African bookmakers. It made it to our list not only because of his high-quality application, but also thanks to the support service. You can solve any arbitration issue not only in the application or on the website, but also in the offices of the company, which are most probably located in your city.

Moreover, you can deposit and withdraw funds from your account in cash – this greatly speeds up the withdrawal process. The only limitation is that you need to personally visit the office to get the funds. But in this way you can be completely confident in the company’s security system.

Its vip bet application is available on all modern mobile platforms, and you can even place on mobile phones with Blackberry OS.

You can find out more about the opportunities provided by Betpawa apk and receive a welcome bonus following our affiliate link.

Among the presented applications, Betway is remembered not only thanks to the good coefficients in its application, but also the widest choice of sporting events. If you understand unusual sports and like to watch live broadcasts from the most distant parts of the planet, then Betway should be your bookmaker.

Also in the vip app for betting, you can find cricket and other sports.

And they also have the best ios betting app out of all.

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Betyetu offers convenient application for bets

Betyetu betting app

The Betyetu company is remembered for its unique opportunity to play directly via your TV. They released a special application for smart-tv based on android and adapted their site to remote control.

And for the premium players, the company offer a win10 compatible bet application that runs on the xbox one x game console. The capabilities of the console will allow you to decode video in 4K resolution on your TV with minimal Internet traffic and watch broadcasts in the highest quality without freezes.

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Eazibet – really easy betting via the mobile app

Eazibet is an ordinary bookmaker that copies the coefficients of other. It is likely that they will delegate your bets to other bookmakers, and pay the winnings due to the difference between their own coefficients and the coefficients of another bookmaker.

They got into our top due to the revolutionary opportunity to use the bookmaker from a push-button telephone. This is implemented in several ways at once.

  • Via USSD requests. In the corresponding section of our website, you can find the full list of USSD codes for registering, authorizing and managing your personal account, getting a listing of coefficients and features of sports betting with this help.
  • Via voice menu. You can call the bookmaker on the toll-free line and place bets using your phone. This is not very convenient, but if there is no other way to enter the world of betting, then this is a good alternative.
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Mybet – the best app for betting

Mybet betting app

Mybet deservedly occupies a place in the top 5 best online betting apps for mobile due to its revolutionary system of depositing and withdrawing of funds. You can deposit funds at any ATM in Ghana and withdraw them in cash. In other respects, it is a good bookmaker with very good coefficients and a standard set of features, casino and poker.

The flip side of such a revolutionary system of replenishment and withdrawal of funds is the increased alertness of the security service. Therefore, carefully fill out all bet data when registering in the app, so that in the future you will not have delays when trying to withdraw funds from your account. The customers can use an already created account or register in the betting app via any social network.

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Premierbet developed a unique app for online betting

PremierBet is listed as the best betting app specializing exclusively on sports events. It has nothing superfluous, only the best sports events, only the smashing popular sports broadcasts. It is remembered by our editorial staff for the fact that there are no contractual matches on its list, which means you can always be sure of the honesty of the bookmaker.

But their main advantage over the competitors is the coefficients, which are almost 17% higher than at other offices. If you value sports applications primarily for the opportunity to earn, then choose Premier Bet app.

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Soccabet – best app for betting for the users from Ghana

Soccabet betting app

Soccabet is an exclusively African bookmaker that specializes primarily in football matches and tennis presented in its football betting app. It has a very modest list of sporting events, but almost every one of them has a live broadcast from the field.

Recently, the company opened a casino and a poker room, it’s honest but modest. Add here a small choice of slots and just a few roulette tables.

But its main advantage is a whole section for virtual sports. Football broadcasts in the virtual room are held on the base Pro evolution soccer in real time, and even the bookmaker does not know in advance which team will win.

We would recommend that you study Soccabet app if you are a fan exclusively of the football leagues and are ready to bet via the best football betting apps for Android (after installing the apk file) or other OS.

You can learn more about the conditions of the online betting app download, installation and use of our promotional code in the corresponding section of our portal. There you can also find out about the best betting app for football accumulators for Android.

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Supabets offers to try its convenient app for bets in mobile phone

Supabets is a controversial office that has been operating in the Ghana market for almost 10 years. They perform quite modestly against the background of other online betting applications.

Their main advantage is the utmost honesty both as a bookmaker and as an online casino. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your funds. Almost any arbitration issues are solves in favor of a user.

But the main thing is that despite their small size, they provide players with old mobile devices the opportunity to use their application, which is available for all old platforms, and works perfectly and without freezes.

And of course they have good coefficients.

From the point of view of mobile casino and poker – everything here is like at other offices.

You can find the bet app download file of supabets via our link and receive additional bonus for your first deposit. You will learn more about the conditions for replenishment, features, etc. in the corresponding section of our site.

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App from 1xBet is the best in the world of betting

1xBet betting app

Finally, we certainly would like to consider the best bookmaker. Firstly, 1xbet is a world-famous office. They have the most debugged football betting app.

  • The best security system of all. The attackers will not be able to access your account. The bookie guarantees the protection of all data in the betting app.
  • Really the best betting app with good optimization and profitable offers stands out among other companies that we considered earlier.
  • The best coefficients for the widest range of sporting events. Here you can bet up in the app on almost any sporting event in the world. Including even chess tournaments, and the Korean league of Baduk Weici.
  • The most convenient application. It is available for all existing platforms, and if necessary, you can use the mobile version of the site, accessible from any device, and place bets there.

And of course you should not forget about their personal welcome bonus, which you can get, if you complete the bet app download from our website. With this welcome bonus, you will receive as much as 130 euros, against the standard 100 euros from other bookmakers.

In addition to the welcome bonus, the bookmaker holds weekly special events in its application, during which you can receive funds to your bonus account without replenishing the deposit.
You can study the bonus offers, the installation procedure and the features of using the 1xbet mobile application in more details in the corresponding section of our portal.

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Summing up on the best online betting apps

Of course, it is impossible to determine the perfect app for mobile sports betting without testing it yourself. Therefore, the final choice is naturally you. Our recommendation will be extremely simple.

We would install several good betting apps on your phone at the same time, because they all complement each other perfectly.

For example, 1xbet has the best coefficients for European events. And Soccabet has a free bet on virtual sports and the opportunity to monitor the progress of virtual simulations in the first person from your mobile phone.

Someone will love the Betway poker room. And someone will appreciate the capabilities of the USSD requests from Premierbet.

Use welcome bonuses, wager them, and earn money on your hobby. Using the best betting app, you will not only increase your chances by creating spreads on the difference of coefficients in different applications, but you will also be able to try all the gambling entertainment available.

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